About My Dream

Whether I’m traveling to a new continent, country, state or city I always like to research a bit about the place I will be journeying to. I think it’s always exciting to plan ahead and dream about the numerous fun activities you could be doing.  It’s kind of like the anticipation that you get before opening presents on your birthday or the rush of dizzy excitement you feel when standing on the edge of a cliff. Planning not only allows you to feel prepared and confident but it also makes you eager to try new things. It can also serve as a reminder for what your goals and hobbies are when you feel like you lost all sense of purpose and direction.

However, planning doesn’t mean that your sense of “living on the edge” will be diminished! You can still experience the thrill of adventure regardless of how meticulously you plan for a trip. Adventure will fall upon you unexpectedly when you least anticipate it. It could happen to you when you ride a bus and get off at the wrong stop or when you venture into the mountains and stumble upon a secret cave. Most of my memorable experiences arose from situations where unpredicted things, whether delightful or stressful, happen. The main message to remember is that in the end, good experiences will always rise from challenging problems that obstruct your way.

While cleaning out my dorm room I found these info books that my mom had sent me! So studying for finals is currently postponed now that I have discovered a legitimate reason to procrastinate. Oh and I also told myself that I won’t need a Lonely Planet Guide but somehow I ended up impulsively buying the Lonely Planet “Hiking in Japan” book. I think I’m just going to blame it on how late it was at night when I found it online. I think my obsession with hiking is like the chocolate or ice cream cravings that people get at midnight during finals week. Once I start thinking about it, it’s really hard to stop! Now that this book is in my hands though, I must admit it was totally worth the buy!


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